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A very rare chance to see the songs of Kate Bush performed live.


With the last live performances in 2014, Kate Bush fans are left wanting more. Her eclectic and experimental musical style, unconventional lyrics and literary themes have made her a unique but rarely seen performer.


The Kate Bush Experience (KBE)

aims to bring you as close as you’re ever likely to get to the legendary artist.


Fronted by the very talented Maria Ahearn,The Kate Bush Experience try to recreate Kate's songs as they would have been originally performed live.


All the musicians in the band are experienced professionals intent on performing a memorable and enjoyable show.


Feeling Bushed? Revive yourself with a night to remember!


All the songs - all the hits!


The Kate Bush Experience perform all of Kate's hit singles - Wuthering Heights, Cloudbusting, The Man With a Child in His Eyes, Babooshka, Running Up That Hill and more.


The band also takes you back to classic and original album tracks from throughout Kate's career. Songs like the energetic James and the Cold Gun. Hammer Horror, Them Heavy People and the beautifully serene 'Breathing' and 'Don't Push Your Foot on the Heartbrake'.


The band behind the Kate Bush Experience is a collection of highly experienced, professional musicians who endeavor to recreate the great music and vibe of Ms Bush.


Available as a full five piece band and as a duo, The Kate Bush Experience is ready to entertain you.


Upcoming Gigs

Come and see the band LIVE!. Full gig list/details on Lemonrock.


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Army Dreamers

The Kate Bush Experience Medley


Don’t Push Your Foot on the Heartbrake



Wuthering Heights

The Man With The Child In His Eyes

The Wedding List




Saw this band last time they played here. They were good then, this time even better.

They were superb, really capturing that late 70’s / early 80’s spirit and atmosphere. A packed, appreciative house added to the great vibe. Everyone in the band performed the songs with great enthusiasm.

A really enjoyable night. Bruce

Kate Bush in Surbiton

Saw Maria Ahearn and band as Kate Bush experience. Absolutely fantastic. Almost as if you were watching Kate in her heydays! Paul Bryant

The Kate Bush Experience gig

 A fabulous evening of Kate Bush songs played brilliantly and sung amazingly. Great costumes. All in all a very enjoyable evening’s entertainment by a band of professional musicians. I would highly recommend them.

MW Promotions

Two hours of great entertainment!

 Maria Ahearn's superb singing is supplemented by a flawless performance from her 4-piece backing band. Kate Bush's hits, such as "Wuthering Heights" and "Running up that Hill", as well as less well-known numbers, are delivered with equal skill, and appropriate costume changes! You are provided with 2 hours of great entertainment, whether you are a Kate Bush fan or not. MalcolmM

Kate Bush tribute - Fox and Hounds

Have to say anyone who has listened and recognized Kate Bush as a genius for expression of music (and more) you have to check this Tribute act. The band and singer are 'spot on 'with the sound' even in a small venue like this--it was packed with people - Maria the singer has certainly studied the voice to give the audience back Kate Bush originals. Thank you all for a lovely evening. Brian Conway


Amazing, Kate Bush experience !!!

I have seen The Kate Bush Experience, many times now, but this was the best by far, the band have really got it together now, well balanced sound and so close to the real Kate Bush. Maria who sings, Kate songs has come on so much, fantastic powerful voice that sounds exactly like Kate, through most of the performance.,but not only for the voice but her acting and expression will make you melt. Hard to believe that a band this good is free, and not charging tickets. Unbelievably great band, a must see... Karl Thomas


Love this band

I saw Maria and the band again last night at the Fox and Hounds, Kingston and they were superb. Maria puts her heart and soul into every performance and the band are all shit-hot musicians (you have to be, to play Kate Bush songs! ) Most of their stuff is from early KB days, but they are always adding to their repertoire with an excellent rendition of Don't Give Up - the Peter Gabriel classic. The audience were all fulsome in their praise and I did detect a few tears during some of the songs (A Woman's Work springs to mind!) Highly recommended night out.

Hywel Thomas


Excellent Kate Bush Tribute Band

Having seen the band earlier in the year, I had no hesitancy in booking them for the Earl Beatty; the pub was packed and the very appreciative audience enjoyed every moment. The hit songs came thick and fast along with classic album tracks. All in all a very enjoyable night and I fully intend to book the band here again.


Excellent experience

The Oak was packed for around a two hour set. The acoustics were good, and the band sounded superb. The singer has a voice that could be mistaken for the real Kate Bush, and it was clear that these guys are professional musicians. The set was well paced and no one was leaving. This is a band that is well worth seeing again and even if you are not a Kate Bush fan, the vocals are so good that it does not matter.


Seriously impressive band

 I remember Kate Bush from the first time round. With friends we went to see The Kate Bush Experience in Esher a few weeks ago and were very impressed. Maria Ahearn has a wonderful voice with all the range and accuracy of Ms Bush - and she looks good and has stage presence. The band are together and they cover a wide variety of Kate Bush material. You're not paying loadsamoney to see this band. Go and enjoy them!


THE Kate Bush Experience  

I have attended many of Maria and bands shows, this is a brilliant show, its great for all Kate Bush fans and a great tribute to the artist as well. Kate Bush songs aren't the standard rock n roll fare, they are complex and both Maria and the band aquit themselves perfectly. As stated you will love this if you are a Kate Bush fan but after hearing Maria's stunning interpretations you will be a Maria Ahearn fan too. Have a great night out. john pjohnson

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Wow performed by The Kate Bush Experience with help from the Bolshoi Ballet
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All studio photography by David Millea. All live band images by Courtney Anglin. Copyright 2019.

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If you would like to book The Kate Bush Experience for a show, whether large or small, please call Maria on 07817 262 783 email or complete the contact form below and we will get back to you.

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